Distribute Your Music Worldwide

Build a Catalog with VIPs, NOT an Annual Bill

We do have a distribution fee of $1,995 for original music, and you can license covers (FOREVER) for a one-time fee per song. You always keep 85% of your net digital revenue and are free to release as much music as you want without worrying about the rising or repeating costs of keeping your catalog available online. Distributing with VIP Recordings gives you an engine NOT just distribution. Every release is not only distributed to stores, but also distributed to radio stations and magazines.

Each Release Is Automatically Distributed To 1,000+ DJs & Radio Stations

The DJ Grid | Predicted Platinum Records has been promoting music for over 15 years. They work with different clients including major and independent labels, artists and producers. If you're looking for modern and effective ways to promote your music you have come to the right place. Explore the different music promotion services they offer and reach out with any questions. Utilizing The DJ Grid & Predicted Platinum Records’ many products and working with their experienced team will help you to build your ladder to success.


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We're Masters of Music Distribution and Rights Management

You make the music. VIP Recordings handles:


Cover Song Licensing

We’ll securely license your cover songs and take care of your mechanical royalty payments, for life.


We’ll deliver robust song and rights info so streaming services know exactly who to pay.

Collaborator Splits

We’ll split royalties between multiple accounts so your collaborators get paid automatically.

Video game covers

We’ll ensure that all video game covers are activated on digital platforms without issue.