The Vulture Shares Jake Gyllenhaal Going Buck Wild Over Sean Paul

Whatever Sean Paul’s fans are called, consider Jake Gyllenhaal among their ranks. The Spider-Man: Far From Homestar joined Tom Holland on BBC Radio One’s “Unpopular Opinions” show and got very passionate about Sean-da-Paul. “Sean Paul makes every song better,” Jake yelled as hype man Holland chimed in with, “He’s a genius.” No matter what the situation is, Gyllenhaal said Sean Paul makes it better. What the actor lacks in rhythm (his claps are … off), he makes up for in enthusiasm. Everything is fun and games until host Greg James asks No. 1 Sean Paul fan Jake Gyllenhaal for his favorite song, suggesting “Get Busy.”

“Oh,” Jake takes a quick pause. “The one with Sia.”

The man has 19 years of dancehall bops behind him and Mysterio chooses “Cheap Thrills?” It’s a good song, but let’s be real, there are better answers to this question. Guess there really is no such thing as being an unproblematic stan.

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Linda J